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The website's describes the sporting exploits from 4 generations of the same family:

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There are seperate web pages for each person with full details
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Is there likely to be a fifth generation of sporting success?
It is too early to say as several of the current generation are not yet of school age.
Two of Bruce's great-great granddaughters, however, have got close, both representing their chosen sports at county level.

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Why have I researched the achievements of these five individuals and created this website?

My name is Gordon Fraser and, in May 1964, I married Maureen Don, one of Bruce Rankin's granddaughters.Gavin Fraser, one of the subjects of the website, is our son.

My wife's family were unable to provide much information.
So, I began my research with more than 70 visits to libraries in Merseyside and then further afield to Birmingham, Huddersfield, Luton, Watford and Wrexham to read the match reports in the local newspapers.

Some of the football clubs, the Football Association and English Baseball Association were helpful.

A most valuable source of information was the Everton Collection,

which contains a vast assortment of Everton memorabilia dating back to the 1880s.

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If you have any information (interesting additional facts) please contact me via the Contact page.
Three Rankins have played for Everton's first team. Can you guess the total number of appearances they made? You can discover the answer through the player's history on this website.
Is it over 50, 200, or 500?